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Module #4: Landscaping With Stone – Stone Projects Without Mortar
This course module does not include the small business training and overall basic stonemasonry instruction. It only provides the training for the styles pertaining to this module.
As with Module #3, this module on landscaping with stone is wonderful for learning to do your own projects, or fo a career that will reap many rewards. You will how to do various styles of stonework for doing landscape projects that will keep your mind just teeming with ideas. This course teaches how to do projects without using mortar. You will learn how to prepare the area you will do the stone project on. How to do stonework using slabs of stone embedded in dirt or sand for, sidewalks, patios, paths and stepping stones etc. You will also learn to do terracing with stone low garden walls and planters and other projects that will enhance any landscape. Your projects will be as great as your imaginations is. People may be willing to pay lots of bucks for your ideas and skills. If so you could earn a good living doing just landscaping if you decide to do this as a career and are willing to go where the jobs are.

Be sure to bring your hiking shoes, fishing rod, golf clubs and camera to enjoy the beautiful Kootenays in your free time.

The cost of this course is $750.

At this time only men’s accommodations are available at our training school in Salmo B.C. 1 week accommodation $75 -shared two bed room or $150 - private room.

Please contact us for more information or to register at:

Phone: (250) 357-9515


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